Furever Friends Dog Rescue of WNY, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit volunteer corporation whose focus is to rescue and secure permanent homes for puppy mill dogs, and all other dogs in need.  In addition, we strive to raise awareness and educate the public on the plight of dogs living in puppy mills. Our ultimate goal is to put an end to puppy mills, and to ensure that every dog has a fair chance. We will work diligently toward our goals until “all the cages are empty.


All the dogs pictured on this website were rescued from puppy mills by Furever Friends Dog Rescue of WNY!

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Thank You For Your Support

Please donate today. Your generous donations go a long way toward rescuing dogs from puppy mills and giving them a chance at a new life!

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Ava's Birthday Gift to Furever Friends

Pearl, Ava and Honey Buns

It appears the only stories that make the news are the negative ones. Today we are overjoyed to share this positive story with all of you.
A local girl named Ava celebrated her 10th birthday on May 20th with a party for friends and family, and she decided that she did not want any gifts. Instead it was her desire to help an animal shelter or rescue. Ava requested that her guests donate the amount of what they would have spent on a gift for her to Furever Friends! In addition, as admission to the party, the guests were required to bring an item such as a dog toy, collar, leash etc.
Yesterday we were thrilled when Ava presented to us a check in the amount of $1000.00, plus a large bag full of dog items!
Ava also got to meet two of our rescue dogs, Honey Buns and Pearl.
We cannot thank Ava enough for her selfless actions in thinking of others. She is such an amazing role model for other children and teens, and perhaps she is a future member of Furever Friends!


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Why we don't list adoptable dogs on our website

Furever Friends is a 501c3 non profit Corporation.  All of your donations go directly toward the transport and immediate medical care required to rescue the dogs and puppies from the puppy mills, and bring them to Buffalo.  At times there are additional costs depending on the dogs needs.

We are one of the many rescue partners of the SPCA Serving Erie County at 300 Harlem Rd., West Seneca, NY. After the dog’s arrival in Buffalo, most of the dogs and puppies are surrendered to the SPCA, who will then adopt them into loving homes.  The SPCA handles all of the dog’s medical care, including but not limited to the spay/neuter procedure.  The dogs will also be evaluated to assure that they are ready to be adopted.

We post pictures of our dogs and puppies because it is very important to let our supporters know where their donations are going and that they are being put to very good use!

If you are looking for a dog or puppy, you can sign up for Pet Connect.  You are required to pay a fee and your name will go on a list. When the type of dog you are looking for becomes available, you will be contacted first with the opportunity to adopt the dog.

You can access Pet Connect through the link below.

We thank your your continued support!

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