Furever our friends... Forever in our hearts!

Memorial Page

It is never easy to say good-bye to a pet, but especially to those that have spent a portion of their lives confined to a puppy mill. We took these precious ones into our homes and into our lives. We taught them unconditional love and never gave up on them no matter what.

This page is dedicated to the memory of all those puppy mill survivors that have crossed over the rainbow bridge knowing what it felt like to be loved. They will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Run free….

Peanut  3/28/02 to 2/24/16



Peanut was rescued from a Puppy Mill at the age of 9, having spent his entire life confined to a metal cage up until the day of his release. He lived out his remaining years in a loving home.

Peanut held a constant presence at our events over the last 5 years, and we considered him our “Mascot”.

Some thoughts from his Furever dad Jack McFarland…

“He was a timid soul, who took years to gain trust in humans. He showed his excitement in life by running in the same circles he always did, but so fast that he sometimes fell down.  He didn’t wag his tail, but showed  his love by licking my fingers as I rubbed his neck.”

“At our public events, the people’s smiles upon seeing him and wanting to pet him led them to me so I could talk about his life and the lives of dogs in puppy mills and what our group does.”

“I miss him a whole lot !”

Harry 2001 – 2015



I remember the first time I saw Harry’s photo from a puppy mill in Missouri. I thought “no one will choose him” because he was an old man Chihuahua, almost hairless, and fat. He was one of 440 dogs that the USDA pulled from a mill for horrid conditions. Many rescues stepped up to take some and we chose the dogs we wanted. We were supposed to get 11 dogs, he wasn’t one of them. At the last second prior to transport, one of our picks was pulled as being too sick to make the trip. They slipped in Harry. I thought, “oh, great” we got the old man.

Well, he came home with me and I was blessed from the very first day I had him. When they handed out “sweet”, Harry had a triple dose. He grew back all his hair, lost all that excess weight and was a stunner. I lost him in May when he went peacefully in his sleep. For four years, he helped educate all visitors at our events about the horrors of puppy mills. He had four wonderful years outside the mill. He is missed by all of us in Furever Friends. His essence remains with me forever.